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Feed your wanderlust with our walking tours in Stroudsburg, PA, the heart of Poconos.

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Feeding your wanderlust.

Tour the Poconos offers two walking tours per day, which are all about good food, amazing attractions, and exploring the rich history of Stroudsburg.

Tom Schilkie, the CEO and founder of Tour the Poconos, brings forward his experience of nine years of organizing walking tours for several companies in New York City. He uses his experience and knowledge to showcase the diversity of Stroudsburg to folks visiting the area to discover the natural beauty.
Let Tour the Poconos make this experience unforgettable for you.

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Choose your weekend’s getaway under the sky of Stroudsburg.

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What We Offer

The adventure awaits at Poconos! We take you through fun streets and introduce you to things that you have never experienced before.

Food Stops

There is no better way to satisfy your taste buds than with our tours. Take a stroll through the streets where the best food can be found. As a complement to the great food, we know where to find the best wine, beer, and cider in town.

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Insight Into the History of Poconos

Getting to know the place you are visiting is an integral part of every trip you take. As part of Tour The Poconos, we give you a glimpse into the history of the Poconos, Stroudsburg, and the surrounding areas. Join us on a tour of the cultures!

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Hear From Our Tourists

I was visiting Stroudsburg for the first time, specifically the Poconos region, and I must say that these professionals made the experience so memorable. Besides having a lot of fun, I also learned a lot about the history and culture of the region. I really appreciate this beautifully organized walking tour!

It’s my third trip to Poconos, and honestly, I never had a chance to dig out things that this trip helped me to. The tour guides with us were so kind and fun to be with! It was quite apparent that they had so much information about the whole region and their experience made the tour so fruitful.

I’m a true foodie! Tour The Poconos helped me in finding the best food stops in Poconos, and I’m definitely going back there. Thank you so many guys for such an amazing tour! Kudos.

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